First 6 months of motherhood

I am pretty sure we all know the phrase “enjoy her or him” as a first time mom I struggled to understand this concept, enjoy what?…Here is this little precious one who is practically the boss of everything, calls the shots,calls you every hour, doesn’t allow tea breaks or lunch and I must enjoy??

Sleepless nights

It’s amazing how God created us women, we are born to do this. I for one believe that if you have children somethings, if not most, comes naturally but sleepless nights are the hardest. Baby N used to wake up almost every hour to feed. I remember myself and hubby making a decision that we going to teach her to sleep alone in the cot, my-oh-my, that was something else. I literally had to wake up when she cries, give her the boobie then when she’s asleep put her back in her cot, one day I got so tired of doing that I decided to sleep with her and it worked better for us, she slept longer and I got to rest. I guess there is no formula on how to raise your baby, some parents don’t believe in sleeping with their babies and it’s ok.

So like I was saying the first six months are the hardest, your hormones are still all over the place, you tired, you trying to make sure you do everything perfectly, you worried about your body, you got insecurities. I went through that, we all go through it. What worked best for me was knowing and believing that “I got this” but I asked for help, my husband is hands on and my mom’s advice and support had a huge impact.

Giving up your social life

This was not that hard, yes of course I was missing my dinner dates with my husband and going out with my friends and my glass of wine, but because I was so tired and I was trying to get this mommy thing I slowly started giving up and accepting that my social life will be on a pause or rather will take on a different format.

Yes we are Super women, yes we powerful, yes we can do this but it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. Anyway, mommies if you passed the first 6 months, well done…kudos to you 🙌

PS. We got this!

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  1. Firstly thank you for sharing; the first 6 months for me where the best because I had the sweetest Angle, Tjo God forgive me now I feel like she is a little monster. She is 7 months now and goodness we do not sleep. She always wants to be play. Sleep time she cries as if someone is hitting her. We normally sleep 01:00 or 02:00 am, and mind you at 07:45 am I must be at work. Being a mother is very difficult but niece at the same time. The first word she better say is mommy not daddy haha.

    Mothers Rock.

    1. she better say MAMA lol! thank you for visiting my blog . its not easy at all but you know what we can do this. all the best mommy

      God bless you


  2. I can second you on lil sunshine just turned 7 months n finally we can go for a few hours without crying phwee . We still struggle at night thou feeding atleast twice and sometimes he just wants to sleep in my arms so the ” dont share a bed rule” doesn’t work for us as u said they sleep longer when u sleep with them.

    1. HI Adele

      yes mommy!! do what works for both you and the baby, and you know what these people are used to us I mean 9 MONTHS in your belly , they used to your heartbeat thats why they sleep longer with us .

      All the best mommy and God bless


  3. Thank you very much for this interesting article. I’m a mommy if a 5 month daughter. What you are saying is so true. All the best.

  4. My little one is 7 months now, it’s been so real. Motherhood is something else I tell you. The hardest thing for me to deal with has been losing my friends, it’s been difficult to understand. Time goes really fast, it’s been an awesome journey. All the best mommy

  5. Kudo to us indeed.. Being a mother is the hardest and most joygul thing in any womems life, its bittersweet.
    I think people do not under the hardwork and emotional Rollercoaster it is. My baby is 10 months, and she’s a healthy busy body. She scoots all over the house with her bummies, she’s terrifird of being on fours(crawling)

    Thank you Pasi for this blog.

    1. Hi Lathu

      thank you for visiting my blog, oh man even my daughter is also terrified of crawling she just wants to stand and I heard that crawling is very Important for babies so let her spend time on the floor thats what I’m doing .

      All the best and God bless

  6. very true Mapaseka, i remember that i thought i had everything figured out, i was just waiting for my bundle of joy. i gave birth and oh my what a beautiful creature she was, the hospital stay was amazing, she slept peaceful there. then we went home, and that’s when reality kicked in, i had depression, i didn’t want to hold her, but at the same time i didn’t want her to cry. i had so many emotions. but by grace i got over that and now she has grown so much.

    1. Hi Montsheng

      my Godness i remember when my mom went back home ( to her house ) i never cried like that i was so scared that I wont manage without her , but i asked God to give me strength and he did . I am so glad that all is fine now and I am sure you cant get enough of her.

      All the best and God bless


    2. Hi Montsheng

      I’m a first time mom to a very adorable baby boy. I am also suffering from depression and I am scared to open up to my family about it. How did you deal with your depression?

  7. So relatable, my baby is 7 weeks old now and it’s not as easy as I thought it will be but I see myself getting strength each an everyday to continue this journey of being a mother, I’m also greatful for the amazing experience I’m getting from her. My husband and I decided that we were gonna sleep with our baby since it was the only way for us and her to get some rest. Thank you pass for sharing all your experiences with us. I’m looking forward to more mommy moments with your blog . 🙏👑👪

    1. HI Angeline

      Thank you for visiting my blog , thats what I’m doing now i sleep with her . i found it very difficult to wake up and feed her so when she is next to me its better I get to rest.

      All the best and GOD bless


  8. Hi ladies. My little one is a month old and boy oh boy does he keep me up throughout the night! I just tried to introduce formula to supplement him because I realized that he wasn’t get full on breastmilk. Tried two brands already and both are getting him constipated. *a heartbreaking sight, seeing him struggle to do no.2* Do you guys think I should keep trying different brands? If so which ones? I’ve tried Nan and Lactogen

  9. This is absolutely true!! I’m currently at the 6 month mark and can finally say that I’m enjoying motherhood. I praise God for bringing me through my darkest days. ❤️

    I love that you keep your posts concise, they’re a good read! Thanks for sharing 👌🏼👏🏼

  10. My Godness that’s so interesting to hear your 1six months Pasi….My daughter is 4weeks old and she works up every hour to feed… I hardly sleep I thought u was the only one wow your story gave me life… Thanx and lots of ❤️

  11. Tumi…try Nan HA, constipation will be a thing of the past. It’s more expensive but worth every cent. I have two boys one of which is a month old now.

  12. Wow…Thanks for sharing….I sometimes feel like I am going through alone…My son is three months.Its my third day at work and I am not coping.I am tired,my breast are swollen and I miss him like crazy.I thank God for His strength otherwise I would be lost. Its not easy being a mom however its so rewarding.Thank you ladies for sharing your stories ,they helped

  13. Hi all I just want to say that i remember my first time to see my little boy was a shock but in an exciting way because that’s when I officially became a mum to a handsome baby boy. The sleepless nights were worth it because I was so in love with my bundle of joy that I cried by just starring at him. I couldn’t believe that this little guy just came from inside me. I thank God for my gift and I want to also thank my mum especially for helping me taking care of him, he was barely my child because my mum was so in love with him that she couldn’t resist him. Being a mum is the best feeling ever and I am a proud mother.

  14. Hi Pasi

    My first 3 months I was vomiting only in the mornings, from there , the whole pregnancy was awesome. I used to hear people say that …’I cannot eat this or cannot stand the smell of this.’ I ate what I wanted when I wanted and still kept a healthy diet through my pregnancy. My child is turning 6 in December. To all the new mommies, enjoy each and every step, create as many memories as possible , pray for your kids health and protection. It’s worth it!!!

  15. Motherhood is something else – I am loving it though!

    I’m a mom to a four month old adorable baby boy and I love him to bits and pieces. I am however, suffering from depression and I am scared of letting my family know; the only person who knows about my condition is my husband and things haven’t been easy for me because I am struggling to find a good Nanny for my son.

    Big ups to all moms who love their kids and doing the best for them. Motherhood is a beatiful thing yet challenging.

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