I call it Boobielane, ice cream lovers know how exciting it is to go to Milky Lane to get that waffle with ice cream on top or get that soft serve. I think every time they see or think of us, they see “Boobie-lane” and they get excited 😊 and have the same tinkles as us for that banana split with double cream.

Before I had Baby N I used to think I will never breastfeed, I was worried how my breasts will look like after breastfeeding. Women with small boobs will understand this, lol 😂. You worry about your body, but after I gave birth I didn’t even think of my body. I remember the first attempt to feed baby N went smooth, she latched on perfectly and I fell in love with her. I’ve heard horrific stories about the first attempt but I didn’t experience any problems, yes it was a bit uncomfortable but it got better.

The importance of breastfeeding

Most pregnant women have concerns if they will produce enough milk or will they succeed or even enjoy. I did my research on breastfeeding and how important it is, what are the benefits and I got to realise there are no disadvantages it’s all good for both mom and the baby. I had conversations about this with different mothers to hear why wouldn’t they breastfeed, or why they not breastfeeding

Some said:

“I did not have enough milk”
“I didn’t enjoy it”
“I had to go back to work” (most popular)
“My baby didn’t want breast milk”.

We all different and I believe every mother raises their child the best way they know how to. I am not here to judge.

I enjoy breastfeeding, I call it our bonding time with baby N, how she looks into my eyes (at times she demands the attention…like “look at me mom”) when I’m feeding, how she plays with her leg(you’ll notice little things that just put a smile on your heart & soul), seeing her enjoy brings so much joy to me. When I had to go back to work it was a bit difficult, I sometimes have a 7am call-time which means I must be out of the house by 5:30am. I would wake up at 4:30am to feed her before I leave then express/pump at work in between takes and put in the fridge, which our nanny will give her during the day when I’m at work. It was the most tiring thing ever but I want nothing but the best for her. She’s 9 months now and I’m still breastfeeding, it gets easier as she grows.

Breastfeeding protects your baby from a long list of illnesses

Numerous studies from around the world have shown that stomach viruses, lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections, and meningitis occur less often in breastfed babies and are less severe when they do happen. Exclusive breastfeeding (meaning no solid food, formula, or water) for at least six months seems to offer the most protection.

As we approaching breastfeeding awareness week , let’s encourage one another to breastfeed as it’s good for both mommy and baby. I’m not judging mothers who are not breastfeeding, I am not saying I am perfect all I’m saying is if you can give him/her the Bobbie it is worth it 🙌🏽

Last but not least, some tips:

If you want ways to increase your milk this might work for you as it does for me:
1. Massage my breast with olive oil
2. Include garlic in your food or when you cook
3. Drink lots of water
4. Try to stress less (stress affects your milk supply)
5. Include protein in your diet
6. Keep feeding him/her, the more they feed the more milk you produce.

These are some of the things I do to make sure I have enough milk for baby N .

30 Thoughts to ““Boobielane””

  1. I understand the part of worrying about how breasts might look like after, mine just went flat and it’s too bad blogs like these only came later. But they’re now back in shape, should I get a new teddy I’ll bear these tips in mind.

    1. Hi NEO

      Thank you for visiting my blog , and I am glad all went well for you

      all the best mommy and God bless


    2. Hi mommies I my daughter is 20days old I must say I enjoy breastfeeding my princess it’s a wonderful way to bond…….I like to say I’ve officially opened a “BREASTURAND”🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼 cheers

  2. My daughter has just stopped breastfeeding just this week, I’m sooo sad. I have been so emotional about it especially because I thought/wanted to do it for much longer than just 7 months :(!! It’s the most amazing thing between baby and mommy

    1. Hi Asive

      oh man I am so sorry to hear that , I’d be emotional too but you know what you tried and don’t be hard on yourself you doing great.

      all the best and God bless


  3. Did you exclusively breastfeed till 9 months or you introduced solids at 6? i enjoy breastfeeding too and still am, my baby is 9 months now. Want to continue till she is 2 years but it seems like i am not losing weight while breastfeeding the good part is i am not putting on weight too, i try eating properly and doing some sort of excising so i was hoping a kilo in 3 weeks will drop but so far dololo, so i am skeptical about this 2 years breastfeeding.

    1. Hi Mbali

      she is on solids now , we started when she was 6 months.

      at least you not gaining maybe try walking or running , I walk my dogs and that really helped me to go back to my weight before I had the baby .

      All the best and GOD BLESS


  4. My son is 7 weeks old, for the first 2 weeks I struggled with milk supply which forced me to give him formula. He was just not getting full from my breast milk. Now, he’s off formula and only on boobie milk 😊.

    I remember during that time of low supply, the poor child would suck and suck until my boobies became soooo painful 😢. I’d put nipple cream on 1 to treat it for a few hours and feed him the other. But now, we’re flowing… supply is sufficient, we feed anytime of day and night without running short.

    For efficient supply, I was advised to drink lots of liquids with include Rooibos tea, decaf coffee, 100% juice, milk and water.

    Mothering is amazing, and being able to feed your child in that way (boobielane) is fulfilling. ❤

    1. HI Refilwe

      yes mommy! well done for not giving up. yes you are right lots of liquids helps.

      All the best Fifi and God bless


  5. Well I had the exact same concern, with my small boobs, you should see them now😢Anyway my baby stopped by himself when he was a month old, thought there was not enough milk, I seeked professional help too but baby refused.

    1. Hi Marelise

      oh man so sorry to hear that , but it happens and don’t be hard on yourself as long as the baby is healthy . well done for trying .

      All the best and GOD bless.


  6. In Finland they encourage breast feeding as it is good for your baby,its good for the mom and its cheap.When my son was born he didnt like boob juice so much and I didnt have enough milk so i had to use formular milk which was not good at all for him because he had an extreme cow milk and goat milk allergy. But after getting advice from my granmother who used to be a nurse and a mid wife and my baby’s nurse that:
    Let the baby suck even when nothing is coming out to force the body to produce more milk
    Drinking lots of water and have balanced diet.
    Before giving birth I said hell no i wont breastfeed because I have big boobs….I had a fear of surfucating the baby with my tatas and I knew my boobs will grow bigger and I have a small frame body…..but now I love it❤…..I lost weight too much even and its good when we are travelling I dont have to be packing this big formular tin can….I just wipe it out.
    Lately its been not enjoyable because my son Phoenix is nine months with 6 teeth….the bitting….my nipple oh my god😢

    1. hi Gloria

      you are so right its cheap and i also don’t worry when i travel, well done mommy and you not the only one baby N bites my nipples and its sore hahaha

      all the best and God bless


  7. Great post Pasi!

    Breastfeeding for me in the first month was HORRIBLE. I dreaded each feed because it was so painful. My mom wouldn’t dare let me give up and said I should do it for atleast 3 months. I am grateful I didn’t stop. Boobie time is one of my favourite times, I really enjoy it and I know my prince enjoys it too. What really helped us with proper latching is our skin to skin sessions which we still try to do as often as possible. I’m going back to work in 3 weeks time and have gotten him onto formula because it doesn’t seem like I’m expressing enough to sustain throughout the day when I’m not there and I’d hate for him to go hungry. Preparing to go back to work has got to be one of the toughest things right now, but such is life.
    Boobie life is the best thing that’s happened for baby and me.

  8. Finally i read something positive😊.
    Im expecting and i thought i be breastfeeding but reading your blog n all the comments wow now i can not wait to breastfeed even though after 4months i will have to stop due to work 😢😢😢but it is better than nothing though.

    Thank you so much Pasi God bless you😍😘👌❤

  9. I get hurt everytime I see or hear people say they breastfeeding . My baby boy was a premature gave birth to him in feb had to leave him in hospital for 10 days before they discharged him so I was pumping and it was not enough for him then at the hospital they gave him a formula so wen I would breastfeed him he would cry coz my milk was not enough for him and he would suck hard. So he stopped within 2 months . I went back to work few weeks ago now I feel he doesn’t know me 😭😓

  10. hi Mapaseka,
    Im a mother to one adorable son if i may say so myself, he is 2years and i can still say we still take the trip to Boobielane, i tried stopping but it seems hard for the lil man, i tried all the tricks and all failed , i have given up he will stop when he is ready. Im that mother who breastfeed anywhere at any given time. but now feel he is too old.

  11. Hi..
    My son is approaching 2 & a half months & still breastfeeding. He just loves his breast milk. I did breast feed exclusively for the first six months and also like you only got to introduce solids then. I love breastfeeding & that bond between mother & child is just priceless. Funny I tried to introduce formula milk to my little one when I started him in solids at around 6 months but he refused. Tried every other brand thinking maybe it was the taste but no such luck. So because I was in no rush & I work from home I told myself that he will stop when he stops. He started nursery when he turned two, he goes there 3 times a week in the mornings. Thought he would stop then because he forgets all about it during that time but when he gets back home and washed ready for a nap he clings on the breast for milk. I still enjoy it despite friends and family saying I should stop but to be honest I feel happy breast feeding. Still do. I drink loads of water and decaf tea and although it’s not as much as I used to have it’s seems enough for him. Thought because he has a full set of teeth now he would keep biting me but he hasn’t bitten all he enjoys is the milk. When he’s feeding on one breast he’s busy playing with the other one. When he’s bored with the one he’s feeding on he changes position & goes for the other lol.
    I must say my rule now is I don’t offer it but he comes to breastfeed when he wants to. It seems now he likes it more for comfort, to drift to sleep or just as a quick quencher so it’s not like he clings to it all the time every hour. He still eats well & loves drinking water.
    I would say to all moms out there, just press on. If little one wants to and you comfortable to carry on, why not 🙂 I’m a mom of two and my first just turned 19 years old. Mom to teenager & toddler. My first born breast fed for one and a half years and he loved it too but unlike his little brother when I introduced formula milk he accepted and liked it the same. Reason I stopped was I had to travel for study as I was only young myself when I had him so my mom took over granny duties earlier on. Otherwise I think I could have gone on then too.
    Heads up breast feeding moms and all the best.

  12. I breastfed for 5 months and had to stop coz I was leaving the child with granny…If i could I would have done it for longer… 5 years maybe… nothing as good as mommy milk

    Proud of you

  13. I’m expecting my first have been so freaked out about what’s right, what isn’t right when it comes to breastfeeding. I have been reading stories about moms who don’t produce enough breast milk. Thank you Pasi and thank you everyone for the tips, I’m a little more confident now about nursing. Your stories help a lot us first time mothers

  14. Hey Pasi,
    I’m 39 weeks should be delivering next week I can’t wait to breastfeed my little angel. Thank you for this blog I enjoyed it

  15. I’ve always thought i won’t breastfeed but now I’m hooked, my baby girl refuses to take formula so im breastfeeding full time,even though some days i don’t have enough milk to pump for her. But the truth is i wouldn’t trade breastfeeding for anything else,i just told myself i will start working on my body once she’s 6months.

  16. I also stopped worrying about how my breasts will look like after breastfeeding, i just think of what she needs,lol, i also love it when she looks into my eyes like she’s got something to share,and she grabs my fingers too while she’s having her bobbie…
    Thanks for sharing Pasi.😘😘😘

  17. Hi

    My baby girl is a year old now. Wanted to stop breastfeeding now so I can concentrate on luzin weight but they way she enjoys it I feel like am being selfish.

  18. Whoa!!!
    Thank you for this piece, we don’t talk about this enough as women, this was very insightful. 39 days to go, cannot wait to start my journey 🙄

  19. Helo Pasi my name is precious n my daugter is 2months n am breastfeeding the bond is amazing n the more she lached the more iproduce .thank u soo much for the tips u giving us mommys .God bless u

  20. Hey pasi,

    The first 2 months of breastfeeding were hard for me for my nipples were always torn but I never stopped breastfeeding him, even in that pain he was fed up until now he’s 9 months and I’m loving every moment because every time he feeds we bond beyond measure and I know he enjoys it too coz he always kicks up his leg….😂

  21. Hello mommies…

    Thank you Pasi for such a great post. I come from a family that is anti-breastfeeding so I have no support at all, which makes it hard to share any breastfeeding challenges. My son is 3 months old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding; he is very happy and healthy. It is great to come across such a post, it gives so much hope.

  22. Thank you for encouraging mothers out there , i am not even pregnant yet but i keep on reading and checking your blog. As a health worker i feel good knowing that we are not the only once encouraging breastfeeding but also mothers like you are doing it. I am proud of you.

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