Similac Mom® on the basics of breastfeeding

Many Pregnant women have concerns on whether they will succeed in breastfeeding or if they will produce enough milk. For first time mothers breastfeeding can be a harrowing experience, but it is a learned skill, help is at hand from your doctor, midwife, nurse or healthcare professionals.

When it comes to feeding your baby it’s important to know and understand the benefits of breast milk:
• Breast milk contains the perfect balance of nutrients to help your baby fight infection and common child illness
• Breast milk is convenient, always available and is delivered at the right temperature
• Breastfeeding helps stimulate your uterus to return to its pre-pregnant state
• Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer

Breast milk is all your baby needs in its first four to six months of life, but you need to continue eating a well-balanced diet because what you eat or drink may affect both you and your baby. To ensure that you have the right amount of nutrients, try adding Similac® Mom to your daily diet. Similac® Mom is a complete nutritional* low-fat milk-based maternal supplement shake, containing 23 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, DHA (omega-3 fatty acid), and prebiotics. It is scientifically formulated to support your increased nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, all your need is one to two servings per day.

While you focus on being a mom you can rest assured that by taking Similac® Mom you are doing the best not just for yourself but also for your baby right from the very beginning. Similac® Mom aids in the following²:

For Mom²:
• Low-fat, low calorie, helps manage weight during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
• Helps build your immune defences
• Supports healthy digestion
• Helps reduce the risk of iron deficiency anaemia
• Vitamin D and FOS, a prebiotic, have been shown to improve calcium absorption

For baby²:
• Improved calcium absorption ensuring sufficient calcium is available to support the development of your baby’s bones.
• Provides nutrients to support the development of your child’s brain
• Folic acid helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects

“Similac® Mom is an easy and convenient way to ensure a complete nutritional solution for expecting as well as for breastfeeding moms It is really important for moms to look after themselves and to acknowledge that they also require additional support to ensure that they are happy and healthy”, says Angela Russell, General Manager at Abbott Nutrition.

Similac® Mom is available at all major pharmacies, selected retail outlets as well as online shopping.


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  1. Im a young mother of a 4 month old baby boy.. he has changed my life for the better. Motherhood is such an amazing thing, and breastfeeding is great. I love knowing that i am doing all do good for my baby and myself☺

  2. Wow my first experience at breastfeeding was tuff but at the same time an amazing experience. My baby sucked my boobie with his whole boys are born to drink they say. I cried the first day cause I didn’t have enough milk for him🤦‍♀️ But as time went it started flowing like the Victoria
    falls😝 . The bond that I have with my lil boy is amazing. I guess that’s why they say :boys will always be mummy’s baby 👶.

  3. Breastfeeding has got to be one of my favorites, it comes with many toothless smiles when it’s feeding time. Where I stay electricity goes off on random days and I do not know how I would survive I if didn’t breastfeed as it’s available and always warm. I love the connection I have with sunshine 😍 and I feel like if I formula fed we wouldn’t have that connection.

    Yay to breastfeeding!!!

  4. Hi my name is Mentie a mothe to a 7weeks old baby girl (Luthando)since the day I found out I was pregnant last October I was the happiest woman on earth and with x2 miscarriages and was very scared also, I had the hardest pregnancy and gave birth at 8months due to a lot of complications.
    I breastfeed for two weeks without know or realizing I had no milk coming out😭, tried everything to help me but nothing help than had to give baby formula. But being a mother has changed my life in the most amazing way, I can’t spend a day without baby Luthando. The cries and sleepless nights are worth it all and her cute little smile melts my heart. I have been following your motherhood journey and it has helped me in enjoying motherhood. I was enjoying breastfeeding but sadly I couldn’t due to no milk coming out💔And at some point thought I was losing the bonding with my little bambino but it didn’t and the support from my husband was what kept me going. Thank you for your blog and helping us new mommies.

  5. It’s been 9 months later and my breasts are officially referred to as nana yes nana, I’m come to accept that my breast are now serving their true purpose as food to my little guy. Shopping mall, restaurants, church and even while driving if people cries for his nana it’s pull out and go or sometimes find a place to park if the journey is too long my breath have become his comforter, the sorther to his sleeping and the one thing that reminds him that mommies around. The bond between me and my son and the amazing weight loss all thanks to breast feeding. Although his feeding cup is a new thing nana is always on demand 🤗

  6. I remember very well the 1st time i tried to breast feed ,It was so difficult and painfu at the same time.My nipples developed blisters and yet nothing came out,i think it was because of the fact tht i was induced or because of the traumatic 3 days in labour.
    I ddnt produce milk for 2months and yet i had given birth to a big bouncing baby who had a big appetite.I wanted to try option N which was NAN but my mum was present she wuld not allow such a taboo 😆 to happen.She was right beacause breast milk is the best for our babies and it is easy to digest , causes no constipation and because it contains anti bodies which are vital to the baby.

    If only i knew of these suppliments(Similac) i would have saved my self from starving the baby with less milk and saved my self from pain.I remember very well every time i had to breast feed i wll have to drink water and pee 😅preparing my self for the pain.

    However this time around (my baby is 4 months old) since i have read about Similac i will have to start using this product and i am sure it wll help me to controll my weight and help baby wth enough vitamins.

  7. It’s been 9 months later and my breasts are officially referred to as nana yes nana, I’m come to accept that my breast are now serving their true purpose as food to my little guy. Shopping malls, restaurants, church and even while driving if my person cries for his nana it’s pull out and go or sometimes find a place to park if the journey is too long my breast have become his comforter, the sorther to his sleeping and the one thing that reminds him that mommies around. The bond between me and my son and the amazing weight loss all thanks to breast feeding. Although his feeding cup is a new thing nana is always on demand 🤗🙈walking and typing is bad for English

  8. I can’t believe I’m due in 10 days can’t wait to meet my son.I have a 2 year old daughter and it’s been an amazing experience…One of the important things I’ve learned as a young mom is that breastfeeding is one of the greatest things you can ever do for your baby…I breastfeed my daughter and she is the healthiest…can’t wait to share the same love with my son. mommies give that baby that boob. #Boobielane

  9. Thank you for this article.
    I’m reading it now, while I express breast milk, during my lunch break at work.
    It’s just given me motivation to continue breastfeeding my baby. Especially since having a conversation with a fellow mommy who was boasting about not breastfeeding her 6 month old baby since breastfeeding is so restrictive. She said 9 months of not drinking was enough, she’s not going to extend that by breastfeeding too.
    The above that you shared just highlighted the importance of breastfeeding and motivated me to continue, regardless of how futile other people think breastfeeding is.

    I love the bonding breastfeeding gives my baby and me. I love the opportunity to eat clean since I know she’s getting a bit of whatever I eat. I love the warm closeness I experience when she’s on boobie lane. Above all I love my baby and the little sacrifices I make (like my lunch hour spent expressing) pale in comparison to my love for her.

  10. I’ve been a mommy for one year to my precious treasure. I’m still breastfeeding him and yes the milk teeth pinches do leave me screeching in pain sometimes however always followed by a naughty giggle from the guilty nunubug.
    When I was pregnant I remember obsessing to my now late fiance about how small my nipples were and if baby will have trouble latching. I’d literally lose sleep about the looming “bottle feeding reality” that in my mind would result as me being a failed mommy (which we all know isn’t true).
    The joy in my spirit when he latched on and the burning pain of a first time breastfeeder was insane! The wet t-shirts and cold shivers have all been worth it.
    When bubba needs boobie there’s NO SHAME! My entire wardrobe is centralized around breastfeeding friendly clothes. I’d rather be able to whip out my babies life juice than have to trek malls for baby changing stalls to do so.
    Let the shaming stop!

  11. Hi Pasi
    I just want to share my experience about breastfeeding. I’m a first time mom and My son is 3 months old now. When I was pregnant I knew that I want to breastfeed my son . Never didn’t I think that it will be such a challenging exercise which requires a lot of patience. Never did I think I will end up breastfeeding from one boob lol!

    To cut the story short my nipples are so small they are literally non existent, so it was difficult for my son to latch.. I tried nipple puller, nipple shield and nothing helped.. I finally got a breakthrough when he eventually latched on one boob and by this time my milk supply had dropped. I then decided to focus on breastfeeding him on this one boob and till today he only breastfeeds from the one boob! My son is healthy and growing well and weighs 8,4kg at 14 weeks , big boy 😀 All thanks to the boobie!

    I am so greatful that I am able to give my baby the best food (breast milk) and i plan to breastfeed for aslong as he wants to, i hope my one boob will carry the both of us till the end.

  12. I’m so glad I came across this. I’m due in two weeks and it’s my first baby. I was one of the concerned mom to be concerning breastfeeding intil I came across this piece. This has really made me become a bit calm and brought enough hope! My sister wished to breastfeed and never succeeded. She was so disappointed in that and when I became pregnant I understood her frustration. Thank you for this beautiful read 🙂

  13. My little princess is now 3 and half months, I’ve tried several formulas on her but she’d always refused to take them,and the stressing part is i don’t have enough milk to pump and i attend everyday. Other than the stress of shortage of breast milk i can say motherhood has been great,,it’s so beautiful to watch her grow everyday day,i look forward to holding her and feeding her after a long day i had everyday, it’s been so amazing.

  14. Hi mommy
    My daughter is 4 months. I only got to breastfeed her for 2 weeks, I was so heart broken when my milk did not want to come out anymore. I tried everything to get my milk back but couldn’t, I was forced to bottle feed. I felt less of a mother and still do.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this,i am a mother of 5 months handsome boy,after giving birth,midwives tried to help me to breastfeed my buba but dololo milk😢,he’ll feed for few minutes then start crying because of hunger then they made him formula. I really wanted to breastfeed with all my heart,my plan was to breastfeed the whole year but God knows why i couldn’t. I was given pills that will help me produce milk but they didn’t work,i did everything i was told to do…drank tea all the time,well i do love tea though. But nothing worked ,even bought breast pump. Tried that for 2 months until he started denying it,instead he wanted formula.since then i have been giving him NAN Optipro,i am going to start buying Similac,i didn’t know mich about it,i thought NAN is the best. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. Similac Mom® on the basics of breastfeeding
    I’m about to be a first time MOM. I’m excited, scared, overwhelmed and all those that you can imagine. I’ve started buying all sorts of baby essentials but my biggest worry is breastfeeding. In my family, almost all the females who have babies have had struggled with it and I’ve always thought maybe it’s because of our God given small breasts. My breasts are so small and I always panic when I think of they day of the arrival when I have to breastfeed my little one.
    I bought nipple creams, breast pumps etc…. but hey I’m nervous I don’t want to lie. I want my child to enjoy her mothers milk without any problems.

  17. Month 14 and we are still on it, the first 6 months exclusively. Not planning to stop him till he’s 24 months; nope… I actually want him to stop on his own. He has never been to the doctor sick, not even cold or cough…I am pro breastfeeding #EfangBanaLetswele

  18. Thank you very much for this topic, am currently pregnant, actually very close to giving birth. I had been contemplating a lot about whether or not to breastfeed my son, however after starting to read your blogs as well as how you represent breast milk or rather breast feeding in general, I have changed my mind. I remember last week, I was even talking about you to my mother, telling her gore you’re an “advocate” for breastfeeding and that you motivate me lol. I thank you once again for this information, I was wondering what is it I can use to boost my system as well as to keep my nipples moisturized, thank God for you, I now know where to run to… keep well and God bless… and oh, tell N that my son will be his Ben 10 🙂

  19. This is actually excellent, I struggled breastfeeding with my first child and I am glad that there are many options that are available out there that work for different people. I am hoping now that i am pregnant with my second child that it will hopefully be better this round, 3 weeks till i actually now.
    Thank you Mapaseka for sharing your precious moments with us.

  20. Omg! I would love to try this out, second time and one would think having a baby the second time gets easier but nope, breasts are still sore and sleepiness nights ddnt get better. The way I just eat everything, this would be helpful to the baby ensuring he gets those needed nutrients.

  21. My son is 8 weeks old today, well our breast feeding journey has not been an easy one i must say . The first 3 weeks were a breeze, baby latched perfectly after birth and I never had supply issues. The 3rd week baby started screaming and crying his lungs out but little did i know colic also affect breast fed babies . I eventually bought formula to top up because elders said he was not getting full . We continued topping up until this past weekend my baby refused formula and only wanted breast milk so i bought another brand of formula and my baby reacted badly to it, he developed rash all over his body. To cut the long story short i was advised to give him only breast milk as it might be an allergic reaction to the formula.Its only been 2 days of exclusively breast feeding him and i can see he is happy. It feels like i have overcome my fear of not having enough milk to feed my baby . Its not easy to exclusively bf him especially when elders keep telling me to give baby formula but i thank God for blogs like that motivate us when we are feeling down and defeated and also reminding us of the benefits of breast feeding for both mother and child.I’m using your tips Pali to help increase my supply and i really hope i have enough supply to even pump when i go back to work so that my prince can only get mommies milk or as they call it liquid gold .

  22. First two weeks of sadness. I had an emergency c-section that made me to spend two weeks in hospital and lived apart with my baby so I couldn’t breastfeed her the way I want to n was so heartbroken each time I leave to my room cause she was in the nursery. Came the third week we were discharged the best part ever was overwhelmed with joy knowing that I will be breastfeeding my baby the way I want at anytime of the day and I was the happiest mom ever seeing my angel enjoying her fed. #Mommydairies

  23. Hi Mapaseka
    My name is Mekuoa Moloi from Zamdela Sasolburg.I am a young mother (25years old) to a beautiful 18 months baby girl: Rorisang Clare Moloi. Breastfeeding my daughter was the best option for me ,it had all the nutrients she needened ,it was free of charge and it brought us closer together so I knew that when she was born that I wanted to breastfeed her for at least 6 months as it was required by my medical practitioner.I also did alot of research about how it would benefit me as a mother ,I was going to school during the day ,pumping in the morning ,coming back at lunch time to feed her and then feeding her again later on in evening, we did that for up to 8 months and then I stayed at home full time because I wanted to breastfeed her throughout the day,when she turned 10months ,I had lost all the pregnancy weight because of breastfeeding and Lol she was and still is a chubby healthy beautiful baby.The painful part for me was in the beginning when she was born, I struggled to breastfeed her and two days after her birth she was admitted to neonatal care because she had neonatal jaundice and I blamed myself for that, seeing her crying while the doctors took her blood for testings but by the grace of God she was back home after 24 hours of being in hospital ,then my milk production was increasing and that was the beginning of a wonderful 12 months journey of breastfeeding .I wish it was extended but then I had to move to Johannesburg to study as I was awarded a bursary by the Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Ltd ,which I tried to breastfeed her up until my last day at home which resulted in me taking pills to stop the production of the milk which was the most painful experience for me , my child would cry for the milk and I was also in pain. Now I would really love to win this hamper for my friend Mmamokgo Zwane whom is currently 8 months pregnant and I have shared my journey in motherhood with her.

  24. Hi Mapaseka, My name is Sherman Molele im 24, my girlfriend and i recently got blessed with a baby girl her name is Maphuti born on 7 June 2017, i would like to enter on behalf of Maphuti’s mother her name is Mosibudi, this would really help her or us in general given the results from similac mom, she needs the nutrients for breastfeeding after long days at school(still a student). Thank you for the opportunity

  25. The post is really informative. I’m not yet a mom but my friend is expecting & we’re reading up on breast feeding right & her other concerns.
    Sharing this with her😍

  26. Breast is best!!! Expecting my second baby now, half way into it and I can’t wait to try out Similac mom now that I know about it. With my first I exclusively breastfed and I wasn’t shy about it, I would breastfeed anytime and anywhere. Naturally you would think that society understands that breastfeeding is normal, but the minute they see you doing it in public you get “the stare” from everyone including other moms, to them breastfeeding is acceptable, we can talk about it, promote it but just never to be seen. I never really cared though, wouldn’t deprive my baby of his meal because of that. Power to the breast!

  27. I dnt know where to start with my journey…i had my first born when i was 22 i knew nothing about bf i just knew that breastmilk is good for the baby by 3weeks after the baby was born my mother introduced formular to her her so we topuped by month 2 my bby started refusing my breast then i weaned her then she was on formular full time….7years later i had a bby boy this time around i was so ready to bf i told my self that im not gon buy formular i want to see what will happen.i went home after birth for mothering then my mum wanted to do the same thing she dd with my firstborn this time around i refused.then i joined this group on fb called la letch lique on facebook they promote breastfeeding.i sticked to breastfeeding only untill my bby was six months no solids no topup with formular no water just liquid gold….n i must say our bodies r amazinglicious even my husband is supprised what breastmilk can do.i am bk at work i pump and bring home my milk the continue feeding the whole evening and morning…ladies breastmilk is the best thats all i can say#efangwanaletswele

  28. Woop woop!I get so excited when I read or hear about mommies who doesnt modernise everything just to keep up with the times.Breastfeeding is now seen as something done only by so called ‘low class women’,westernisation has left the society thinking its a swag to bottle feed.I am a mother of two ,my first child is 4yrs old and my little baby just turned four months.The very moment i held my baby she was already looking for my nipple which made me feel so so special,I literaly smiled forgeting the painful stitches I had,lol.The milk only came out the following day but even before I still kept my baby latching on my breast as I learnt this would stimulate the milk production system.I love the way her little eyes would look at me though she could not see or recognise me yet she still knew I was her mumy,how amazing.Days became weeks and I could see my little angel growing each day,and I would breastfeed like there was no tomorow as I knew she depended on me.My daily schedule as a stay at home mum changed as I had to give her enough time to nurse,it became hard with me having another child who is stil a baby at 4yrs old,she was used to being alone and getting all the attention,I feared she would feel left out so I gave her an important job to guard her baby sister and tell me fast whenever she wokup.This became our lifestyle and not only am I bonding with my baby but my first child is also bonding with her baby sister.At 2 months I decided it was time to take my baby to church and I was so hesitant as I didnt know how the church society would take it,that is me breastfeeding in public,but to my surprise they have a private room for breastfeeding mums only,I was joyfuly escorted there by the usher.When I entered,wow what an atmosphere,little ones latching onto their mums,i happily joined in and my baby enjoyd her first day in the world lol I could tel with the wayher toes were curling when she was suckling milk.Now its our routine and I am proud,I will be rocking it in my stiletto with my breastfed baby.My baby is impressively gaining weight every month and it makes me want to breastfeed even longer.I make sure I eat balanced meals as I know the food is not just for me ‘smiles’.I salute all the strong women who proudly breastfeed their child.I am my baby’s mother and I proudly breastfeed.

  29. I had such a hard time breastfeeding, it was a nightmare. The part about mom taking care of herself is important
    As women we tend to get so busy trying to fix everything with the baby especially being a first time mom that you tend to forget about yourself.

  30. I’m a mommy to a 8month old I’ve been on exclusive breastfeeding since birth cause she refuses to drink formula I’ve tried Nan and infacare but she just won’t drink I’m enjoying the experience cause id like to breastfeed till she’s atleast two but it hard same time cause now m forced to take here everywhere and can’t really leave her with anyone #breastfeedingweek

  31. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m a new mummy to a beautiful 4 months old girl. I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively since birth and now that I’ve gone back to work I get worried that my child is not being wel fed even though I express milk for her to be bottle fed. It would be great to add a supplement that can assure me that I’m still producing nutritious milk for my baby and similac mom seems to be just right.

  32. I am a new mom to a handsome 2week old boy, born on the 17-07-17. I unfortunately have to go back to work (contract worker) next week on Monday leaving my 3week old home. I would have loved a chance to breast feed him for the first 6 months but i also need the cash to provide for him. I have been trying to express for him but the process is slow but i will not give up. This hamper would really benefit us and ensure that i give him the absolute best..

  33. I have a 1 month baby boy I enjoy breastfeeding him and I’m so glad he enjoys it too. Cause I believe breastfeeding is the best milk for the baby. I don’t mind working up every three hours to feed him.
    Enjoy breastfeeding mothers that’s a better way to form that special bond with your bambino

  34. Yes! Breastfeeding is the best for our babies. I would be very estadic to get a chance of winning all the amazing products, so that my baby and I can have a healthy happy breastfeeding. This is exciting I’m crossing fingers😁😀💃👶!!!

  35. I thought It was gonna be easy, it was painful I even cried, because it was the best thing for my baby I had to be strong and do it for. Right now she’s 7 weeks and breastfeeding is better, sometimes I struggle producing enough milk for her I don’t know what i cam use to help me produce enough milk.

  36. Breast feeding is the most special and precious moment between mother and child.My experience with my boy about 9 years ago was amazing I still remember it like it was yesterday, I breastfed him for 19 months🙈…..yes and I loved every moment of it.I produced more than enough, my sisters even called me #EverfreshDairyMilk😂.I’m now expecting twins and I often worry if I will have enough for 2 but I’m so excited and looking forward to being a mother again.I believe the Similac mom hamper can help a lot and meet the demand and supply require to feed the

  37. I’m 5 weeks away from being a mommy and I can’t wait… I try to ignore all these stories as I want to imbrace on my breastfeeding experience. I can’t wait to bond in that way with my bumble bee however I’m afraid of the cracks and pain they talk about. Thank you for this article ❤

  38. I am an expectant mom, I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year. My pregnancy journey has not exactly been an easy one but none the less I thank God because all the pains I have are normal pregnancy pains and discomforts nothing serious. I am nervous if I will grasp the concept of breastfeeding easily or if I’m going to have enough milk supply. I would appreciate the hamper if it will boost me and help make the breastfeeding journey a pleasurable one for me and the little one.

  39. I can no longer bath in front of my 11 month old boy. Everytime he sees my breasts he literally liks his lips, and comes to me with his mouth open. I’m having the best experience, there is nothing compared to coming home and just relax,cuddle and nurse my boy and forget about everything just for 20 min.

  40. Breastfeeding is the greatest way to bond with your little one.I sometimes find myself smiling when breastfeeding,and to my surprise,my baby smiles back.That’s the greatest feeling a mother can experience

  41. I love breastfeeding , I just love the way baby looks at me when I am feeding her. I am a first time mom to a 6 month old baby girl and currently working and studying . I thought about stopping baby from breastfeeding as I was returning to work and I was so stressed about my boobies getting engorged (I hope i wrote that right) but I am coping and loving the way my baby gets so excited when I get back from work. lol she’s a naughty someone that one I love her so much, please can I get the hamper 🙂

  42. Hi Pasi

    I am 7 months pregnant with my first baby.As excited as i am,i’m also nervous about wanting to be a perfect mother,but being able to read your stories and other mothers comments i’m very ready and i cant wait to experience all the exciting and challenging factors of being a mom.Thank you

  43. My daughter is now 7 months, healthy and strong and she just loves her milk (Ubisi lomntu). I always look forward to knock off time so that she can get her milk still fresh and warm. At first I was shy to breastfeed just anywhere up until I got to understand that it’s not about me or anyone who’s watching but it’s all about my daughter who needs milk at the particular moment.

  44. I have a daughter and being a first time mom is not easy,from having to figure out whether my baby is latching correctly and being told i cannot breastfeed in public because its ‘inappropriate’ and being told to cover up with a blankie when breastfeeding it has been a journey and i am willing to overcome it.I will continue giving my baby her ‘Gold liquid’ as i call it proudly so.

  45. I am a first time mom to a 7 months old daughter and I am breastfeeding. It is a really interesting experience and I feel like the bond becomes even stronger because of this. I have learnt that the female body is created in the most miraculous way, the more you feed , the more milk your body produces. It is such a relief knowing that your baby is getting the nutrients he/she needs from you. It doesn’t matter how your boobs will look afterwards, our babies are worth it.

  46. I’m a first time mommy to a now 6 months old baby boy. I was nervous when I first breastfed him immediately after birth and he simply didn’t want none of it and slept instead. I was worried but he came around and now he’s a champ. He milks me dry, my hubby says my boobs are “run flats”. He’s not sickly, he’s a happy baby, I love breastfeeding so much but since I’m back at work, I supplement him with Similac in conjunction with breast milk.

  47. Wow am not a first time mom and I didn’t know that much about breastfeeding, I am so happy to learn from you. After this I am surely to eat healthy for the sake of my 4 months old son, our kids really deserve the best a mother can give. What can be best than breast milk? None!
    Thank you .

  48. How amazing it is! I don’t want to lie and say it’s been an easy journey but I can definitely say it has been all worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a first-time mom to a 10 week little boy and have been exclusively breastfeeding. At first I was not sure I could do it because of the pain from cracked and bleeding niples, but I endured. I had been following a group called La Leche League South Africa on Facebook while I was pregnant and it definitely helped me tons . Now I can safely say breastfeeding has been the most beautiful experience for me as the time we spend together creates a special bond between us. There are moments when baby will look into my eyes and I feel as if there are a million unspoken words and emotion shared between us. The sounds of a happy and satisfied baby while nursing are the sweetest, I just melt. I am so glad I made the choice to be the sole provider for my baby and seeing him grow everyday is most precious. This milk is definitely ‘Golden’.

  49. Wow , love your blog ,very informative for moms who breast feed well done mommy. As a first time mom for my eldest child breast feeding came naturally, I just knew how to allow my little munchkin latch, which is highly imperative, and unfortunately he drank breast for 3 months due to his reflux problem, with my second child breast feeding was a breeze, easy going a.f loved it as well. Breast feeding is bonding time with my kids. I breast feed anywhere, I’m not ashamed because there’s nothing to be ashamed off as a mom.

  50. Thank you for this. Breastfeeding Awareness Week has never happened at a better time. All of this knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding being shared with us is very valuable knowledge, and thank you so much.

    Exclusive breastfeeding is the best way yo ensure that my child stays healthy. I don’t mind trying out Similar Mom for both me and my baby, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Great job!

  51. Hi Pasi
    I have a 3 hmonths old daughter and i have been struggling with my diet! I have been told that porridge, pap and rice are essentials in keeping me balanced diet.

    Similac seems to be an answer to my diet problems as it contains all the nutrients needed to ensure my baby girl grows strong and healthy.

    Thanks for sharing the info

  52. I have a topical eczema but lucky enough my son doesnt have it. I was told to only breast feed him for 3 months or not by my dermatologist. Am glad i choose to breastfeed him,breastfeeding helped my loss of the baby fat without me going to the gym or getting into some diet. And it really helped us bond more & strongly. I strongly recomend breastfeeding even to those working. As now breastfeeding is made easier by breast pumps.

  53. I’m soon to be a mom of two. My daughter is turning 8 in September. Breastfeeding for me was a breeze the first few days, as weeks went by it was difficult to produce milk. My grandma and mom came up with all sorts of remedies to make my milk production increase. Motogo ka maše (porridge and milk) and rooibos were my must have meals each day. After four months she decided to stop breastfeeding. Saddest day of my life.

    This time around im a little bit anxious, what if I won’t have enough milk? What if “Sibling” will be like Sister and not feed for at least 6-18 months. Despite all these thoughts I’m looking forward to bonding with “Sibling”, also arriving in September.

    As I patiently wait, I will read up more articles about breastfeeding. Get myself Similac® Mom and get ready for the wonderful experience of breastfeeding.

  54. I have breastfed my son from birth up until now he’s 9 months and I’m planning to breastfeed him till he’s 2 years, I’m loving it and son does he.

  55. I initially did not think I’d be so attached especially when I started breast feeding…*the pain😣* today my gorgeous, healthy baby girl is exactly 6 weeks, weighes a whooping 5ks and I’m so attached. I’m not sure if I’ll take her detaching very easy or even starting her on the bottle😕. If I could take her back to work with me.. I would.

  56. Your post on this subject has highlighted the excuses we as mom give to avoid breastfeeding and I thank you for the tips you have given us towards the end there. I have breastfed my baby who has atopic eczema from infancy and my challenge was when I had to go back to work 4 months later where I only had an opportunity to express once a day. But that resulted in my milk supply running low and dry then I had to find formula. All other brands including hypo-allergic brands made the eczema worse until I discovered Similac which was soy based…the eczema got better but I kept searching for a solution until I found Alimentum which he still drink now at two years of age and ever since then me and Baby L had so much relief. Of course that is complimented by the fact that I prepare the babies meals at home being conscious of all other allergens that can worsen the eczema.

  57. I am a first time mommy to be. 13 weeks and and 3 days today. Breastfeeding is definetly my first and top choice as it’s a cheaper option not only that but breastmilk contains antibodies that help fight off viruses and bacteria. It also lowers the baby’s risk of having asthma or alegies. Plus babies who are brestbed exclusively for the first 6momths , without any formula,have fewer ear infections and respirator illnesses. Brestmilk also has idea nutrition for infants, pefect vitamins, proteins and fat- everthing a baby needs to grow.I believe that Similac will not only help me after I give birth but during my pregnacy too as it is a an easy and convenient way to ensure a complete nutritional solution. Keeping me happy and healthy helping me to prepare for mommy

  58. My son is 1 year 4 months and I’m still breastfeeding him, it’s a great feeling indeed and I’m very much enjoying every moment

  59. Breast feeding also helps with shedding off the baby-weight with my experience I lost a lot of weight post natal because I breast-fed for a year and six months. It is also a good chance of mommy and baby time connecting with your baby creating a bond thatvtge child can never experience with anyone else other than you.

  60. Very very true.. breastfeedingvis very important for any baby.. most mommys tend to turn to formula at a very early stage, forgetting the benefits and vitamins of breast milk.. as a working mom you can always express/pump milk for your little one..

  61. Growing up I never understood why people would take out their breasts in public feeding their babies without covering them but now I know that one gets lost in the joy of the experience.
    I breastfeed anytime anywhere and I love it.

  62. I am a first time mommy, currently 39 weeks preggies, and could pop anytime. I’m looking forward to meeting my bundle of joy. The one thing I have been emphasizing to mostly my friends and family is that I am planning on strictly breastfeeding. I am convinced that breastfeeding is not only healthy for mother and baby but also creates a stronger emotional bond between mother and baby. I am also to a certain degree anxious about producing enough milk because I have small breasts. I would love to try Similac Mom maybe it’ll take away my anxiety of producing enough milk for baby.

  63. Breastfeeding is one of the most important thing to do, for me when I’m breastfeeding my son who is now 12 months, it’s that time whereby we are connecting to each other. Also what gives me pleasure is that my little one is being protected from sicknesses. I just love breastfeeding my cute boy and he enjoys it too, while breastfeeding seeing that little hand playing oh what a joy.

  64. I am a first time mommy,my boy is only 3 weeks,i enjoy breastfeeding so much and my baby is forever hungry😊….i will like to recommend breastfeeding to young mommies out there,its cheap,healthy for both mommy and the little one.Lets support the campaign of breastfeeding and give our babies whats due to them
    All the best Mommies😘

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