How do we know that they ready for solids, when baby N was two months I couldn’t wait for her to be on solids because I thought maybe when she’s fuller she will sleep better. I breastfed exclusively for three months (no water, no formula just breast milk). I was advised by our pediatrician to introduce solids when she’s six months. I looked out for signs of readiness, babies are not the same some show signs as early as 4 months some 6 months.

Signs and cues that baby is ready for solids include:

Head control. …

Sitting well when supported. …

Significant weight gain. …

Interest in food and watching others eating.

Ability to let you know when full. …

Growing appetite. …

Understand the dynamics of their mouth, lips and tongue. …

Loss of the tongue-thrust reflex.


Baby N showed all this signs at five months and I was so excited for her, all I wanted was for her to taste good food and be full 😂 so she can sleep better.

As we started seeing all these signs we had to decide are we going to cook for her or buy processed food.

We started off by giving her rice cereal in the morning which she loved, the trick is don’t go all in, introduce things to them bit by bit as this is new to them.

Cooking for baby N is better than buying food for her, I always want to know what’s in the food (ingredients) the only way to know for sure is to prepare them yourself.


How we started

We started when she was six months.

We started with “not so tasty ” foods.

We cooked spinach, butternut or squash and we would puree them using a hand blander. This is a cheap way and safe as you are the one preparing the meals for them. She loved the creamy Spinach and the Spinach helped her to be regular as she was always constipated.


Some babies when they start with solids they get constipated, baby N was one of them but foods that are high in fibre help. Food like spinach, carrots, pears and broccoli.

This is a fun time for baby N, I let her feel different textures and feeding times are fun times.

The tricky part also is making sure they drink enough water, baby N was not really excited about water but we tried infused water and she loves it. Just add fresh fruits in water and they will love it.

We all different and our babies are different too, this is the time you will get to know if your baby has got allergies or not , like I always say I’m not a perfect mother I’m just doing my best.

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